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Soul Fatigue

May 28, 2015

Open my eyes to the morning light

After sailing the deep blue sea.

Clock buzzes, fatigue sets in.

Another day closer to death.

Enervation steals my breath,

Grips my gut; and I yearn – for oblivion.

Stuck in a steel cage of grasping self,

Diffuse sunlight kisses my cheek,

Lilac-scented breeze whispers,

Beckoning me towards


I breathe, I smile.

No ocean to cross,

No mountain to climb,

No path to traverse.

I breathe, I smile,

Clouds part, and I bask

In the blue, sunlit sky.

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  1. angi ellis permalink
    May 29, 2015 2:10 am

    Stunning poetry of life in your words!! Keep writing it sounds good for your soul.

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