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Heart and Mind, Compassion and Wisdom

June 23, 2015

In the Buddhist tradition, the Wisdom and Compassion are likened to the two wings of a bird. There is no soaring to enlightenment with only one wing. Wisdom lacking compassion or compassion lacking wisdom will get you nowhere in the spiritual journey. This selection of Rumi reminds me of that. In this case, we can speak of the Heart and Mind. The Sufi path is often described as the path of the Heart. But this is not to be at the cost of the mind.

“Till the cloud weeps, how should the garden smile?
The weeping of the cloud and the burning of the sun
are the pillars of this world; twist these two strands together.
Since the searing heat of the sun and the moisture of the clouds
keep the world fresh and sweet,
keep the sun of your intelligence burning bright
and your eye glistening with tears.”

— Rumi, Mathnawi V, 134; 138-139; 141-142

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