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On Doubt and Ambiguity

March 29, 2016

Over the course of my life, perhaps through a combination of my philosophical study, inner work, and what not, I’ve grown comfortable with the tension that comes with doubt and ambiguity. As such, I just cannot muster the fundamentalist fervor to force my cherished beliefs onto others. I just don’t give a damn if people see it my way. The word “belief” has an etymological relationship to the German word, “liebe,” meaning “love.” Our beliefs are our cherished, beloved notions to which we cling. Because I’ve learned to psychologically, spiritually accommodate doubt and ambiguity, I’m okay with others not seeing things my way. I came across this quote today that I really like:

“…there are multitudes of people about and shouting the Truth, that is, their fractal purchase on subjective prejudice, but their agitation betrays an old confession that fervor is a defense against doubt, and doubt is experienced as an enemy to suppress. Deeply driven by the need to suppress doubt, ambiguity, and ambivalence, they fall into sundry fervors, fevers, fears, and fundamentalisms.”

— James Hollis, Jungian analyst

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