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A Closed Mind 

April 26, 2017

A closed mind is like a clenched fist; it takes a lot of energy to maintain that level of contraction. A closed mind expends a great deal of energy imposing upon reality our notions of how things ought to be. It matters little whether or not these notions are liberal or conservative. They are still simply opinions rooted in self-cherishing with the implication that my way or my ideas are better than yours. Our judgement of others is the swinging fist of a constricted, clenched mind. 
The liberation we feel when we open our minds comes from relaxing and letting go. We experience a surge of energy by simply allowing reality to be as is; and we find freedom in Be-ing. Only with an open mind can we glimpse our true nature, which bigger than our petty self-concepts.
(Originally written in 2012)

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